Virginia Commonwealth University ROTC is a partnership program with the University of Richmond ROTC Spider Battalion. The Department of Military Science and Leadership offers classes to all students which can serve as elective credit within the normal college curriculum. Students do not require prior military experience or a commitment to the Army for the first two years of the program. Classes are focused on developing qualities that are necessary for leadership in a military or civilian career.


a smiling student cadet lying in the grass carrying a gun during a drill

Information on participating in ROTC or scholarship opportunities

(804) 287-6066

a student cadet carrying kettleballs during an exercise drill

Information on us, the program or ROTC in general

GoArmy: Spider Battalion

students studying on the grass surrounded by trees with a view of Grace E. Harris Hall behind them.


We are located in Harris Hall, Room 3126, 1015 Floyd Avenue to assist VCU ROTC cadets.